Railway Ruckus

Blue Mountains trains are a colourful experience! The view is beautiful cherry blossom trees in bloom, wattle lining the tracks and big beautiful gum trees flooding the horizon with their windy knobbly structures they inspire adventure.

However this magnificent view is juxtaposed by the sights sounds and smells that gradually fill the carriage. A group of ‘lads’ enter! Covered in poor taste tattoos and dirty acne, with hairstyles which only attract ‘bogans’ alike, suddenly their language (barely understandable) becomes more and more robust and colourful. It is as if the are performing. Their insecurities in a crowd of respectable community members is obvious as they get louder and louder sharing with the train their ‘cool’ thoughts and ‘fully sick’ plans for the day. Why is it that whatever ‘bogan lads’ enter this trip there is always one who insists on making a very loud and obnoxious phone conversation to which he threatens repetitively “I’m gonna f*%#ing bash u u c&$t u f&$@ing mole u is so ugly b&$ch…” etc etc . This display reminds me of the chiwawa. So much barking and carrying on to compensate for their size and insecurities. I wish I had headphones to crank some fat freddys drop and stop listening to their crackly distorted phones playing a soundtrack you would imagine fills bad taste clubs in Sydney on Sunday… Oh my! They make the teen mums in the other carriage seem sophisticated. This train is no place for children. I manage to engross myself in this blog and avoid eye contact at all costs. However when the overweight ring master of the group bends over In front of you to reveal his huge white hairy pimply ass with a shocking rose tattoo creeping into frame attempting to cover up the noticeably scrawl of ‘Jenny C’ (a past fling in sure) one cannot help but cringe and say “excuse me there is someone sitting here. Can you cover up please and not be so loud!” Only to now have their attention… Oh god what have I done! “youz can alwayz go to d fu@$ing quite carriage! Dats wat itz for u mole” yuck! To my surprise people have joined the cause, an assortment of ‘please be quiets’, ‘this is a shared carriage’ and ‘please use your headphones’ erupts and we get no where… With this moment the rest of us are united by a common enemy. Sharing looks and rolling our eyes… Only to be interrupted by an announcement (at last) “please be quiet when on mobile phones and use headphone when listening to music so everyone on the train can enjoy the trip. Thank you”. Aha! Back up has arrived. Now confident we are doing the right this we join forces once more and insist peace and quiet. No luck. However the boys are running out of vocabulary quickly and to avoid embarrassing themselves further they decide to use headphone after signing off with a flighty “shutt up all youz f&$)ing moles wat r youz the f@&$ing trainz police!” and finally we have peace!

The children are allowed to play again and a quite mumble of scattered conversations return.

Thank you for keeping me entertained!



Spring Morning in an Oasis of Australian Bush

It is a beautiful morning here in Blackheath! I just love the blissful rainbow of first light! The yummy fruit salad we get before the sun has woken up to blind us all. Blueberries start it off, then strawberries and peaches, next is apricot then orange all finished off with the citrus explosion which is yellow!!! The birds are singing and chirping, swooping and nesting. Spring is a beautiful thing.


Creating an Art Portfolio….eeek!

I am currently Trying to churn out an Artist Portfolio to get into uni. And i am struggling!!! I finally get on a role and think i am doing well when, with one week to go, i hit a creative wall…. ARGH!!!! Self confidence in your work and knowing you are capable and talented are essential to be able to create….. and i cant stop thinking i am not good enough. What is the point agonising over a few artworks when i probably wont get in anyway. It is so Beautiful where i am, here in the Blue Mountains, i look out at the sunrise and it is an explosion of colour and light. Like a heaven. How could i not be inspired by this amazing spectacle. The sky is like a fruit salad as it works its way through oranges, lemons, blueberries and peaches. The colours are viscerally enjoyable. I stand on the Balcony and take a deep breath of the thin cool mountain air and i feel a little better. if worst came to worst i could always escape here where everything is ok. With the constant admiration and kindness from my grandfather i will work more.

Wow what turn around. Thank you for letting me clear my head. I hope you can enjoy the view with me.




Everyone seems to have fallen ill with a bad case of racism!

I am truly horrified by the attitudes of so many young people around the world not accepting one another. I could not resist entering a discussion on facebook today following the ‘anti-muslim’ propaganda flooding social media in Australia (post muslim protests in Sydney). Unfortunately due to a few protesters getting out of hand the protests turned ugly. This is not uncommon in protests of all cultures/nationalities fighting for different causes. And yet it has fuelled anti-muslim propaganda in Australia. So many young people share the view for what is essentially a ‘white australia policy’. “You must speak like us, walk like us, eat like us and want to be more like us…” ??? These views have me outraged. One of the things i love about Australia is its diversity. The food, the colour the language all different its like a cultural rainbow and the more rules and restrictions we put up the more grey our world will become. A strong similarity i have noticed lately among young voices is that when justifying their racist views one will often speak out about how racist some immigrants behave towards Australians…… let me get this right…. your only racist because they are being racist??? So some people who are actively disapproving of our culture outrages you…. so racism outrages you… but your so outraged you decide to be more racist….??? This is a cycle that must stop. One thing i have learnt is that

My First Blog

In a world of social media and digital networking i thought it about time to put up a blog and with a glass of wine at hand i have finally worked up the courage. As a young artist living in Sydney i am constantly battling with my creative mind and the responsibilities of life. I hope i can organise some of my thoughts and share my excitements, failures and artistic endeavours in this space. See you soon.