Hoi Polloi (We the People)

I have just had an amazing weekend helping out the wonderful team which is Hoi Polloi (Love you guys). The weekend began friday night on an awkward date that i didn’t know was a date…eek… but it soon revived itself. Saturday morning was hot and sunny; a perfect way to start a mini festival. Brisbane Brunswick street markets are always a hoot but this weekend really rocked my socks! The Valley Fiesta; Brisbane’s biggest free Street Party supplied the markets with a warm festival vibe and live music. I arrived shortly after nine am in ‘the valley’ and the Hoi Polloi stall was all set up, beautifully colour coded by soulman. It was time to sell some clothes and have some fun.





The low down on Hoi Polloi – Jacqui (Jacs) Williams began the Hoi Polloi clothing range when i was a wee teen in Sydneys’ Northern Beaches. I have been a huge fan ever since. Jacs began by sourcing awesome retro gear and chopping stitching and reshaping to redesign some funky one off items. Jacqui now rightfully defends her glamorous style with a collection of unique clothing and accessories, original american cowboy boots and high end costume headdresses. A Hoi Polloi rack is likely to consist of an enticing range, from her one of a kind vintage crochet dresses to her long flowing blue snake design pencil skirts (one of each i have in my own wardrobe).




After this weekend I have come to define Hoi Polloi as an experience, the ‘whole package’. Jacs clothing and eye for style with her imports define a way of life; an easy going beautiful outlook on the world combined with a generous helping of fun, spontaneity and funky design -a subtle perfection. I love her stalls, not just because they are usually accompanied with live music, wicked venues and crazy carnies, but because they inspire creativity and intellectual design. 




This weekend has been a whirlwind of unpredictable sales roller coasters and sexy festival fun. Dancing in beautiful native american headdresses and chatting to the cute market organiser. I hope your weekends have been as wonderful as mine, ciao!



Hot Air Rising

Hot Air Balloons are under appreciated i think. I am currently reading one of Richard Bransons’ autio bio’s, and its begins with one of his famous record breakers; the 1997 attempt to circumnavigate the globe in a Hot Air Balloon. Apart from being a beautifully written piece of story telling the content itself got me enthused. I have begun researching and found some funny and beautiful examples of Balloon design… i hope you can enjoy as much as i did… 😀

Compliments of thecoolhunter.net


The art of tattooing is growing on me with speed. I have always loved drawing and painting and have recently been tattoos myself, but am now excited at the idea of becoming a tattoo artist. Many of my idols are tattoo artists and with tattoo becoming more and more popular the opportunity for developing unique style and still being able to be successful is among us. For the moment I will just keep drawing with the hope of developing a good enough portfolio to then get an apprenticeship how exciting. With the possibility of not getting into university infringing on my daily thought it is nice to have an alternative. I wonder wher and by whom I should be looking to be taught???


Life drawing models?

Attending life drawing sessions is a vital part of my artist practice and I find myself attending less and less. I have always felt comfortable drawing nudes and wish I had access to models to do a few long sessions but being an artist I do not have the funds to pay why a model is worth. I have just moved back to Brisbane where I am again isolated from a social life. I have once again left my friends ad family in Sydney to peruse working on the children’s television series ‘Toybox’. Brisbane is a great city, it’s only major negative is being so far from the beach. In an afford to relax I have taken the day off and visited Queensland Art Gallery and GOMA, inspired I purchased a few books and made my way down to West End. This cool young art infested part of Brisbane is one of my favourite pass time suburbs. Time to drink draw and relax!

Where am I

Where am I? I miss the small tropical island I called home last year. It is hard drifting back into the society I grew up in. I feel lonely and isolated no matter who is around me. I have fallen back into the habit of doing what I think I should. My job should be fun but I don’t care. My friendships feel superficial and I want more. I feel as though the only people I can relax around are three times my age and I struggle to relate. I have debt and I’m spending more time buying than repaying. Where am I? Home? Where am I?

Amazing Live Music in Sydney

Taking Berlin– WOW!

I cannot believe the progress these guys are making. Their performance energy and 1960’s rock atmosphere on stage is awesome. Taking Berlin took the stage at The Roxbury Hotel on Friday night and freakin Rocked!!!!

Taking Berlin
A sneaky peak from backstage.

I found taking photos for them a creative rush. Feeding off their vibes and chasing their music from drummer to singer to guitarist, bass and of course the congas!!! Each musician holds their own; it is hard to take your eyes off them. The are truly so much fun to watch.

The old guitarist had to be removed because he was a thief slowly sifting through our family possessions whilst taking refuge in our home. He makes me sick.

Bryn Munro

Mr Cool

The rhythmic heart breaker Bryn Munro aka Mr Cool flirts with his conga beats. Part way through the gig Bryn takes lead vocals, i am so proud of my little brother.

Dave Voglis

Baby Face Dave

Baby Face Dave (Voglis); Drummer. His beats force you to uncontrollably throw your head back and forth.

Hamish Ingram


Hamish Ingram grooves on in with his funky bass lines, representing Australia in his ‘wife beater n flanno’ the stage is obviously his ugg boot. His happy face and cheeky smiles really draw you in.

Brad Christie


And last but certainly not least Brad Christie takes the mic. Unlike most front men I have seen lately. Brads snake like movements hold you in his captivity. I cling to the music.

A constant surge of energy!

Pow!!! The cosmic explosion which is Taking Berlin is now in full swing. I wish I could explain to you their style or guide you to their genre but I can’t! It feels as though to say they play Rock is too broad. I feel profoundly fortunate to have been able to follow Taking Berlin and cannot wait to see what they do next. So exciting!