HELP – Tech Problem Uploading .Gif

Ok so i finally got some help and i had to make sure the size of the image was no larger that my themes restrictions – i made the width of the images 640px and it now works fine…yay!

I have been trying to upload a .gif (see post here). I can see the .gif moving perfectly in the ‘edit post’ page, but it is a still frame in my post.??? I have read but even after clearing ‘width’ and ‘length’ and making sure there are no weird numbers at the end of my source, still no hope!!!


Make or Break – University Interviews

Interviews have gone really well. I had my first interview at Sydney College of the Arts. They looked through my entire year 12 Visual Art Process Diary (VAPD). Which surprised me, i wasn’t even going to bring it. They asked a lot about when i had done my portfolio work and what my job consisted of. I must have answered appropriately because they said i will be receiving full marks for interview and portfolio. Fantastic!
 -one down one to go-
So the following morning i flew down to Melbourne and made my way to the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Their had been an error in the confirmation emails concerning the address and many students got lost. Not me, lucking after visiting the University Open Day i had downloaded an ‘iPhone app’ “Lost on Campus” so i knew where the university was and where the interview building was located. So off the mark i proved my initiative and competence. I was given time to lay out all my work and set up my computer with a clip from Toybox (the kids t.v. show i work on). Again the lecturers looked vigorously through my VAPD. They were again interested in my job and the time span of my portfolio. At the end of the interview i asked a few questions; What is the extent of my after hours access to the university grounds and facilities? Can i use facilities from other departments within the university, such as Scientific Photography, which i observed at the open day? Does the university have a relationship with an Aboriginal artists community, if not can i set one up? and can i receive credits for time spent there.
They were impressed with these questions and voiced “These are very good questions. This is exactly how we want our students to think. We want you to seek out what the university has to offer and set up new process’ if there are none in place for what you want to achieve”. They then went on to discuss whether i would be able to afford the move down considering the huge independent work load of first year students. I took this as a good sign and responded with confidence and excitement.
Fingers crossed!!!
I find out if i got in or not in January (first round offers) or February (second round offers).

Body Image Issues – How are we supposed to stay calm with goddess girls among us?

So i am usually pretty happy with my figure, even when gradually rounding i know a new physically exerting fad is not far away from my daily routine. When reading fashion magazines or  watching the Angelina Jolie’s of the world, I have often taken pride and comfort  in saying to myself “their not real women, real women don’t look like that”. Well i was wrong. You dont have to travel the world to find these tropical beach babes – just the net.

I am always surfing the net these days mostly looking for new tattoo designs, and i am discovering hundreds of photos of the goddess girls. The worst thing about seeing these stunning figures is my reaction; chocolate, new clothes, maybe a hair cut and more chocolate. None of which helps me to look like this;

Good luck girls?

I Hate Petty Thieves

I have decided to write this after a series of minor thefts at my family home. The first was an electric guitar. It was a Wednesday and the house was busy with all three children living at home and my brothers friends, ‘the boys’ (band members) scattered throughout. There was music beaming from the band room as they practised their songs and i busily painted in the dining room chatting to mum. The day was long with band rehearsals going into the early evening and me eagerly trying to create a masterpiece. The house slowly emptied as the boys went home and i headed out for the night. After returning in the early hours of the Thursday morning one of the boys came around to play music only to discover his guitar missing. We were all dumbfounded by the mysteriousness of this. With a house filled with art and music, and all related equipment, only one thing went missing, and it wasn’t even ours….. We felt terrible.

One of the newer band members had spent the night but had left while my family was sleeping before i had returned home. Although this was suspicious we did not want to flail around pointing the finger and making accusations. However it was mysterious, we all walked around trying to understand what might of happened. We pride ourselves on our trust and honesty and so do our friends. This had never happened before and stuck for what to do about it. In time we let it go and delt with the loss, but still pondered in peculiarity.

The next theft was a loop pedal. We had bought this for my younger brothers 18th birthday so it had some sentimental value as well as just being a very cool piece of equipment which had helped him get through the HSC. Again we searched the ouse high and low trying to figure out what had happened. A pattern was occurring, but still no evidence, so no accusations just a confused sour feeling left in the house.

We changed the locks and made sure everything was packed away and locked up every evening. But a third theft occurred, but not an instrument. One night we pulled out gold sovereigns that one of each my grandfather had put in the christmas pudding until everyone of us had won one. They were terribly sentimental and with grandad ageing so quickly at the moment we clung to this family memorabilia. The next morning the sovereigns where gone. This really flared the nostrils. I was furious, who is doing this???

The thefts were so petty there was no point claiming because each individual theft was the same as the excess, combined it was thousands.

Recently through patience and perseverance the culprit has been caught and the item should be replaced – but a friendship  has been lost and a band has lost a member, there is a stain in his place and i only hope this does not affect our trust and kindness – that would be a shame.

I Hate petty thieves!

Helping children in Papua New Guinea get an education

Books for PNG

I have just discovered this amazing charity run by a family in Brisbane, Australia. These wonderful people have been visiting PNG for decades and have developed this charity to help children get educated. Not only do they take hundreds of books over, but they build schools and provide clothing. There is a lot we take for granted in our luxury 1st world lifestyle. We forget something as simple as our old childhood books and daggy throw out clothing could change someones life. 

I find this world such a bizarre oxymoron. I completed a survey on the weekend that measures your lifestyle and compares the sustainability of our earth and the population and works out how many earths it would take to be sustainable if everyone on earth had your same lifestyle – i got 5.34 earths – Crazy. 

My indulgent lifestyle is only sustained by the fact that their are millions of people living without food, water, electricity, medicine and gas. What a thought. I’m sure my guilt will fade, it always does. Life goes on….

Last week we discussed the “what would you buy f you won the Lotto?” question. I honestly believe that if i could donate to universities world wide and set up charities around the globe. I would live a very happy life. Travel, art and helping people is what i live for. But now i pose myself the question – if i won the lotto, how many earths would i need to complete my wishes…interesting – screw it id so it anyway.

I pledge to you that i will try and reduce my footprint by;

– not using the aircon

– flying less and traveling by train more

– refilling my water bottle instead of buying 20 a week.


I think that is a reasonable start – i know im a pig. I could give up a lot more but i want to start somewhere achievable. What would you give up?

Rain – light – movement

It has been fairly wet this weekend in brisbane. Apart from going for a cheeky ride on my new motorbike I have enjoyed chilling with friends and walking in the rain. The rain has been light and intermittent, not too cold or windy; quite pleasant really.

It’s amazing how rain can transform the landscape. As the small droplets plunge toward earth their spherical form and reflective surface shift the light; reflecting it back and forth and bringing movement to the air. I love looking down quiet sidewalks dimly light by warm yellow lamps pouring out onto the road.

When it rains I think of France I picture the impressionists inspired by this common occurrence. Out on the streets painting the scenes with this newly perceived movement and light. I love the rain.