Helping children in Papua New Guinea get an education

Books for PNG

I have just discovered this amazing charity run by a family in Brisbane, Australia. These wonderful people have been visiting PNG for decades and have developed this charity to help children get educated. Not only do they take hundreds of books over, but they build schools and provide clothing. There is a lot we take for granted in our luxury 1st world lifestyle. We forget something as simple as our old childhood books and daggy throw out clothing could change someones life. 

I find this world such a bizarre oxymoron. I completed a survey on the weekend that measures your lifestyle and compares the sustainability of our earth and the population and works out how many earths it would take to be sustainable if everyone on earth had your same lifestyle – i got 5.34 earths – Crazy. 

My indulgent lifestyle is only sustained by the fact that their are millions of people living without food, water, electricity, medicine and gas. What a thought. I’m sure my guilt will fade, it always does. Life goes on….

Last week we discussed the “what would you buy f you won the Lotto?” question. I honestly believe that if i could donate to universities world wide and set up charities around the globe. I would live a very happy life. Travel, art and helping people is what i live for. But now i pose myself the question – if i won the lotto, how many earths would i need to complete my wishes…interesting – screw it id so it anyway.

I pledge to you that i will try and reduce my footprint by;

– not using the aircon

– flying less and traveling by train more

– refilling my water bottle instead of buying 20 a week.


I think that is a reasonable start – i know im a pig. I could give up a lot more but i want to start somewhere achievable. What would you give up?

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