I Hate Petty Thieves

I have decided to write this after a series of minor thefts at my family home. The first was an electric guitar. It was a Wednesday and the house was busy with all three children living at home and my brothers friends, ‘the boys’ (band members) scattered throughout. There was music beaming from the band room as they practised their songs and i busily painted in the dining room chatting to mum. The day was long with band rehearsals going into the early evening and me eagerly trying to create a masterpiece. The house slowly emptied as the boys went home and i headed out for the night. After returning in the early hours of the Thursday morning one of the boys came around to play music only to discover his guitar missing. We were all dumbfounded by the mysteriousness of this. With a house filled with art and music, and all related equipment, only one thing went missing, and it wasn’t even ours….. We felt terrible.

One of the newer band members had spent the night but had left while my family was sleeping before i had returned home. Although this was suspicious we did not want to flail around pointing the finger and making accusations. However it was mysterious, we all walked around trying to understand what might of happened. We pride ourselves on our trust and honesty and so do our friends. This had never happened before and stuck for what to do about it. In time we let it go and delt with the loss, but still pondered in peculiarity.

The next theft was a loop pedal. We had bought this for my younger brothers 18th birthday so it had some sentimental value as well as just being a very cool piece of equipment which had helped him get through the HSC. Again we searched the ouse high and low trying to figure out what had happened. A pattern was occurring, but still no evidence, so no accusations just a confused sour feeling left in the house.

We changed the locks and made sure everything was packed away and locked up every evening. But a third theft occurred, but not an instrument. One night we pulled out gold sovereigns that one of each my grandfather had put in the christmas pudding until everyone of us had won one. They were terribly sentimental and with grandad ageing so quickly at the moment we clung to this family memorabilia. The next morning the sovereigns where gone. This really flared the nostrils. I was furious, who is doing this???

The thefts were so petty there was no point claiming because each individual theft was the same as the excess, combined it was thousands.

Recently through patience and perseverance the culprit has been caught and the item should be replaced – but a friendship  has been lost and a band has lost a member, there is a stain in his place and i only hope this does not affect our trust and kindness – that would be a shame.

I Hate petty thieves!

One comment on “I Hate Petty Thieves

  1. Ty Stone says:

    I was enjoying reading through your website this evening, until I came to this. It’s a crying shame to hear about this sort of thing happening. I certainly hope the culprit got what was coming to them and all the items were replaced or returned. God bless you!

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