HELP – Tech Problem Uploading .Gif

Ok so i finally got some help and i had to make sure the size of the image was no larger that my themes restrictions – i made the width of the images 640px and it now works fine…yay!

I have been trying to upload a .gif (see post here). I can see the .gif moving perfectly in the ‘edit post’ page, but it is a still frame in my post.??? I have read but even after clearing ‘width’ and ‘length’ and making sure there are no weird numbers at the end of my source, still no hope!!!


One comment on “HELP – Tech Problem Uploading .Gif

  1. cmartdesign says:

    So I got help;

    GIFs don’t work too well with our resizing functionality right now. You’ll need to upload your GIF as a smaller width than the content width of your theme.

    Something 640px wide or less should work.

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