O Week – Sydney University

Attending Oweek as a mature age student despite the fact I’m only 22 is a vastly different experience to my Oweek of 2008. I was a tender young age of 17. I remember wondering through the campus which was set in a true Australian landscape (Wagga Wagga); baron and dry. I was so ignorant and intrigued and trying so hard to impress, act “cool”. I remember strutting around pathetically. I was trying to listen to the lectures of my future teachers, however they were drowned out by my own inner voice and her insecurities.

Oh how things have changed hahaha. Since that fresh year in Wagga I have travelled and lived in many parts of Australia and in Asia. I have loved, lost and explored. I am entering this Oweek with a totally different state of mind. I am not trying to impress or look cool. I am merely trying to get the information I need join as many INTERESTING and FUN society’s as I can including the wilderness society, the rock climbing society and the ukulele society. And then Get OUT!

That’s not to say I don’t have any insecurities; i fear my own fear. A 3 year degree is a commitment I’m starting to wonder am I am ready…??!?!


I know I can do it, but do I want to…?! It’s is not the work I fear or the new people and surroundings – i think it is the commitment itself.

I am a uni student – I fall into a generic! I can be categorised! I have always loved the freedom in my life. The spontaneity of my path. I have lived my life since I left Wagga as a true opportunist. Upping and leaving for wherever the next adventure has been awaiting my presence. It has been enthralling exciting and enlightening.

I will miss this life dearly and only hope I can find the chaos in my new routine.

Break down the conformist walls of my new institution! haha

I’ll keep u posted!