I have just discovered one of the funniest new card games hopefully to hit the shelves. Smoke’em’mon is a Pokemon spinoff card game for stoners. It is a drinking, smoking game that with your monster trading cards you can play to befriend, party and battle other monsters. So cool. I absolutely cracked up when I saw the intro video so good!!! It’s about time we had a social Smoking card game. Hahaha unfortunately tho the guys who designed it are relying on presale games to pay for the print do if ur keen check it out so we can all get in on this…yew!!!

How lucky I am!

I feel so lucky to live in Australia. I start lectures this week at Sydney College of the Arts. A truly beautiful grounds to study art on. Sandstone buildings, lush greens and pandanus trees with their infinitely winding branches. This morning I woke up to make my way to Centrelink; a government faculty that (using tax dollars) provides financial support for those in times of need. This includes times when undertaking full time study. So not only do I have the opportunity to study at university, with all fees paid by an interest free government loan. I can also receive financial support while doing so, allowing complete dedication to my studies. Wow!

Two years ago when I was living in Thailand I met so many amazing bright, talented people that would never have the opportunities I have. I felt the need to make use of my opportunities, to use my smarts to move up in the world.

University is an honour and a luxury not available to everyone. With this in mind I will try to stay open minded when frustrated by work load or the dynamics which come with working within an institution.

Thank you Australia! Despite my disappointments with u politically their are still a few systems in place that really do make Australia a lucky country.