Big Art Projects

Past Projects, Future Proposals and Big Ideas!!!

(Constantly trying to find the time to update – watch this space, or get in touch if anything interests you)


Past Projects

TedX Youth Mural – Live mural painting for TedX Youth Sydney MCA 2013 in response to the talks of the day.

SPANDA – An interactive multi sensory installation for Verge Festival USU 2014. Work by Sydney College of the Arts students Dorit Goldman (MFA), Melissa Maree (BVA) and Claire Munro (BVA). SPANDA is from Sanskrit referring to the self expressive pulse of all individual things and all things united as one. Translated as movement, vibration and an exploration into our collective consciousness.


Future Proposals

Intents Art Project – Community workshop installation project using clean waste to create a wonderland of colour line and texture, light up and projected through inside a giant Nordic Tipi creating an almost alien visual spectacular of moving images and static structures brought to life.

Think Build Enjoy! – A public installation of a lego-like play area with a series of inter-connectable modular pieces. Build your own hang out area for you and your community. Lear how to build your own pieces and keep adding to the fun structures.

Chill Zone! – A recycled clothing hammock installation accompanied with amplification sculptures to play music through.

INTENTSheartSPACE heart sculptures that glow and ignite the landscape with glowing heart blossoms. Enjoy the space within, enjoy the space from beyond, wittness, experience, feel, grow, LOVE!!!!

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