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Dirty, stoned, hard rockin’, panty dropping sonic suicide.
Strap your daughters to the living room floor, ladies and gentlemen; The Archaic Revival are bringing their supercharged, stoned as fuck rock n roll like no one else can– psychedelic, filthy and downright evil.Since 2012, The Archaic Revival have been defying all preconceptions of time and musical style; if Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper and Pentagram started doing psychedelics with Slayer and Motorhead while listening to Hawkwind, you might have an inkling of where they are coming from. But probably not; let’s try again…The Archaic Revival mix old school 70s/80s hard rock with a touch of psychedelia, stoner and metal, and a nonstop, energetic live show. No bullshit, no small talk, no shoegazing, no lame haircuts, no scenes, no trends!Versatile enough to fit any bill, The Archaic Revival have been invited to play everything from psychedelic rock nights to extreme metal festivals, from detuned stoner/doom fests to balls to the wall, no bullshit pub rock extravaganzas. This versatility and ability to mix up their huge repertoire has gained them huge respect in many different circles.So bring your dancing shoes, coz if there’s one thing The Archaic Revival does well, it’s putting on a rock n roll show!Peat Hallucinate – Vocals/Drums
Davo X – Guitar/Backing Vocals
Louis – Bass

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