FLOAT – The Works

62 Glebe Point Road, Glebe, New South Wales 2037
12 September – 29 September
Featuring works from students of SCA and practicing artists in Sydney:
– Emilyrose Siers
– Patrick Hukins
– Madeleine Pfull
– Molly Morphew
– Jennifer Pos
-Hugo Murray

This exhibition, as part of Sydney Fringe Festival explores both the physical act of floating, the object itself and the mentality humans adopt in an attempt to stay afloat from this immersive life.

float [fləʊt]vb
1. (Physics / General Physics) to rest or cause to rest on the surface of a fluid or in a fluid or space without sinking; be buoyant or cause to exhibit buoyancy oil floats on water to float a ship.
2. to move or cause to move buoyantly, lightly, or freely across a surface or through air, water, etc.; drift fog floated across the road.
3. to move about aimlessly, esp in the mind thoughts floated before him.
4. to suspend or be suspended without falling; hang lights floated above them.

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