The art of tattooing is growing on me with speed. I have always loved drawing and painting and have recently been tattoos myself, but am now excited at the idea of becoming a tattoo artist. Many of my idols are tattoo artists and with tattoo becoming more and more popular the opportunity for developing unique style and still being able to be successful is among us. For the moment I will just keep drawing with the hope of developing a good enough portfolio to then get an apprenticeship how exciting. With the possibility of not getting into university infringing on my daily thought it is nice to have an alternative. I wonder wher and by whom I should be looking to be taught???


Life drawing models?

Attending life drawing sessions is a vital part of my artist practice and I find myself attending less and less. I have always felt comfortable drawing nudes and wish I had access to models to do a few long sessions but being an artist I do not have the funds to pay why a model is worth. I have just moved back to Brisbane where I am again isolated from a social life. I have once again left my friends ad family in Sydney to peruse working on the children’s television series ‘Toybox’. Brisbane is a great city, it’s only major negative is being so far from the beach. In an afford to relax I have taken the day off and visited Queensland Art Gallery and GOMA, inspired I purchased a few books and made my way down to West End. This cool young art infested part of Brisbane is one of my favourite pass time suburbs. Time to drink draw and relax!