Creating an Art Portfolio….eeek!

I am currently Trying to churn out an Artist Portfolio to get into uni. And i am struggling!!! I finally get on a role and think i am doing well when, with one week to go, i hit a creative wall…. ARGH!!!! Self confidence in your work and knowing you are capable and talented are essential to be able to create….. and i cant stop thinking i am not good enough. What is the point agonising over a few artworks when i probably wont get in anyway. It is so Beautiful where i am, here in the Blue Mountains, i look out at the sunrise and it is an explosion of colour and light. Like a heaven. How could i not be inspired by this amazing spectacle. The sky is like a fruit salad as it works its way through oranges, lemons, blueberries and peaches. The colours are viscerally enjoyable. I stand on the Balcony and take a deep breath of the thin cool mountain air and i feel a little better. if worst came to worst i could always escape here where everything is ok. With the constant admiration and kindness from my grandfather i will work more.

Wow what turn around. Thank you for letting me clear my head. I hope you can enjoy the view with me.