We’re all feeling it!

The biggest social problem i believe we face is not that depression and pain seem to be an epidemic but that we are so insecure we think it makes us different and weak and find it all so confusing… This is hideously misguided considering almost everyone experiences depression in their lives, and everyone feels pain, it is not an element that separates us but one that unites us!!! We should be standing together and saying I feel like shit somebody hug me. Not I feel like shit I better hide or I might dampen the mood or not seem cool like those happy uplifting people…..

I cry a lot, and i laugh a lot, life throws ups and downs, it’s a rolls coaster and the social constraints put on children as a “way to behave” are crippling and outdated. We need to implement healthy mind studies into primary education.

When we were a society almost entirely guided by the church, this was… Somewhat… Happening. . Since we live in such a diverse society now not ruled by any one religion we need to fill the void. We need to inform children of the simple tools and techniques available to aid our understanding of our own psychology and emotional health so we don’t grow up in fear of feeling or in fear of our confusion about feeling. You do not need to control someone’s behaviour or morals to do this just inform them of what we as a species understand about ourselves, why do we learn sport and physical exercise techniques but not mental health exercises…. It would be so easy to transform an entire generation by providing the access in the early years, erasing the stigma attached to emotion and mental health and provide an open arms, open heart, open mind society.

Urgh men sure did get the industrial revolution cranking but what about the development of people!!! What about a psychological revolution that inspires growth and understanding of who we are and what we are likely to experience. You don’t need to do a phd to understand basic psychology you mostly just need reassurance that it’s ok to feel because what ever your feeling there is a reason it just needs acknowledgment and then a decision on how you want to let that feeling influence your decision making…. It’s only when these steps aren’t taken that a mentally healthy person can quickly become mentally unhealthy and even breakdown completely. Urgh!!!!

So frustrated with the priorities of society – capitalism is important I get that but it can’t take the lead ahead of health – health then economy then lifestyle


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Hoi Polloi (We the People)

I have just had an amazing weekend helping out the wonderful team which is Hoi Polloi (Love you guys). The weekend began friday night on an awkward date that i didn’t know was a date…eek… but it soon revived itself. Saturday morning was hot and sunny; a perfect way to start a mini festival. Brisbane Brunswick street markets are always a hoot but this weekend really rocked my socks! The Valley Fiesta; Brisbane’s biggest free Street Party supplied the markets with a warm festival vibe and live music. I arrived shortly after nine am in ‘the valley’ and the Hoi Polloi stall was all set up, beautifully colour coded by soulman. It was time to sell some clothes and have some fun.





The low down on Hoi Polloi – Jacqui (Jacs) Williams began the Hoi Polloi clothing range when i was a wee teen in Sydneys’ Northern Beaches. I have been a huge fan ever since. Jacs began by sourcing awesome retro gear and chopping stitching and reshaping to redesign some funky one off items. Jacqui now rightfully defends her glamorous style with a collection of unique clothing and accessories, original american cowboy boots and high end costume headdresses. A Hoi Polloi rack is likely to consist of an enticing range, from her one of a kind vintage crochet dresses to her long flowing blue snake design pencil skirts (one of each i have in my own wardrobe).




After this weekend I have come to define Hoi Polloi as an experience, the ‘whole package’. Jacs clothing and eye for style with her imports define a way of life; an easy going beautiful outlook on the world combined with a generous helping of fun, spontaneity and funky design -a subtle perfection. I love her stalls, not just because they are usually accompanied with live music, wicked venues and crazy carnies, but because they inspire creativity and intellectual design. 




This weekend has been a whirlwind of unpredictable sales roller coasters and sexy festival fun. Dancing in beautiful native american headdresses and chatting to the cute market organiser. I hope your weekends have been as wonderful as mine, ciao!