When DREAMS become FANTASY and fantasy become LIFE

Little TENGU has awoken into a new state of evolution and quite possibly saved my life!

It has been a huge journey this past few years struggling to come to terms with my truth and self coming out of a lifetime of psychogenic amnesia and into a future of what I know now is full of amazement. Fed up with 24/7 processing I bailed out of Sydney with a backpack and $100, about five hats, my computer and some paints. I crash landed in Melbourne’s funky north to be with a friend, love and super talent Megan Hope, a suited name for an all inspiring woman. First night arriving I met an artist who would soon become a life partner in the arts and business. Tobius Raphael Millar a true inspiration. He has been painting and drawing since childhood and has held a strong dedication to technique and style always staying true to his own passions and desires. I am learning so much from his generous teachings and charming descriptions of his own process, skills and techniques.

A mere four months later and we have joined forces with Little TENGU pop up gallery run by fine ink-work artist Mandy to transform the space into an arts hub and art fashion store while maintaining a strong art exhibit in the showroom aka the fish tank. With no money and running off pure love for the arts we have done it, no idea how we are going to keep it all going but were here. We’ve turned scrapped furniture into styl’n shop displays, acquired lights from a liquidation sale and mannequins from a shop closing. held each other together through emotionally crippling times and life battles scrounging for food and sleep. We have had an enormous show of support from the arts community we are networked with and managed to score some truly stunning works of art for the racks and jewellery display as well as a world class family of artists on exhibit. To be honest i have been struggling to motivate myself to live for some time, many of us share horror stories from our childhood and some of us never make it out, this place and this new extended family of creatives has given me hope and allowed my dimming light to shine bright again.


WE DID IT!!! And the greatest part of this venture is, and although we are definitely a business relying on financial stability to continue fuelling arts in fashion and fine arts to grow and spread around the world, money itself has not been the focus or main deciding factor. It is all about quality, truth, style and passion. Every item is a one off either completely or slightly unique with a splash of individual flare while maintaining a strong design personality. This is not a shop for the mass produced soulless trends that are consuming the arts and fashion worlds. The shop resinates with tribal elements from both the past, future, apocalyptic with alien-esque vibrations and a strong tie in with fantasy and the unusual all the while absolutely rocking a strong urban street wear style with a hint of divine earthly admiration.


Many of our artists have the earth in their hearts when sourcing materials and forming their creations which is a great peace of mind in this ever destructed human existence. Many of us have experienced enough trauma and abuse to comprehend we can do better as a people. Our intentions with this business are simple, for me it is about creative a hive of energy and cyclical flow of inspiration for artists to continue to grow their process, skills and style to constantly be thriving on the world stage. For Tobius it is about maintaining a platform for artists to sell their work and grow together in quality and style expanding the platform by sustaining a healthy financial stability to spread their masterpieces throughout the world.

We are indeed a family and a strong one, all the support and kindness without any of the dinner table bickering. We can see Little TENGU continuing to grow and expand into the future but like any business we rely on making a profit for sustainable success, as part of the community we intend to open up workshops, artists talks and continue the flow of creativity and vibrant conversation with straight from the source media about the arts as soon as we have some money in our pockets and food in our bellies. In our collection we are hosting a spread of talented hands on creatives.

GOO LIFE is the work of a local Melbourne eco designer, Sophie Cogs working with artist Daniel D Foothead to create a vibrant urban clothing range flowing with primordial ooze, hyperbolic structure and hyper-intense colour. It is a theme park of visual eye candy dripping with intense energies and happy vibes, who needs anti-depressants when you have GOO LIFE, seriously. Sophie’s range of comfy, high quality styles with a G-star element help us in feeling strong and confident to take on the buzzing urban energies with a sense of inner strength and outer glow.

SPUNKHYDE, created by Miz Marto, a designer from the Byron Bay area working with ethical, sustainable and some recycled leathers to create a unique range of one off items drawing her inspirations from graffiti, the industrial setting, molecular structure and geometry. Miz Marto creates high quality works of wearable art that suit the urban environment and style with an apocalyptic edge. Both labels resonate with the kind of award winning design works you are likely to see in scenes from The Fifth Element or The Hunger Games, scenes I have certainly dreamed of being engulfed by.

We are also proud to be representing local designer EVA REID originally from NZ and now working round the clock in Melbourne across many platforms and networks to create organic earthly accessories and made to order clothing that adorn the human form and homely habitats. Eva draws on her love and appreciation for nature when she is not working on her pieces of wearable art she is in the garden growing medicinal herbs and guilt free organic food for health of body mind and soul. Her holistic community attitude leads her in and out of many creative outlets and collaborations. Currently working with Lor, Melbournian metal worker and wizard of magical creations they are creative soul mates, their delicate unity of hand designed embellishments on coper, leather and naturally fallen dear antlers are buzzing with a warrior soul strength and confidence.

Local university student Lauralei has been kind enough to cram her studies and provide us with some of her metal + moondust inspired jewellery – LUNELING. Gentle to wear made with silver and the occasional found bone that sparks a sense of creativity that cant be ignored. Luneling is bold in crystal like geometric forms that feel as though they comprise of chunks that have flung of a moon rock lost in space.

This store is luckily grounded by a strong Japanese interior hand fitted by woodwork artist Sohei Nakada or it could quite easily take off into another dimension with this range so beautifully out of this world. Inspired by the Japanese spirit of Little TENGU we are very lucky to have some hand carved masks coming in straight from Akihito Nonowe in Japan. The strange and unsettling certainly has its place in the realm of masks as we all explore this world through expressions and facial language to shell our delicate emotional states. Akihito’s masks are comically characteristic and inspire the performer of imagination bringing even a brick wall to life.


Ma Hoo, Melbournian glass blower has kindly strolled over from his nearby lamp-working studio to provide us with a range of wearable, decorative and functional glasswear that are delicately beautiful and monsterifficly cool all at the same time. With glitter eyeball shot glasses and slimy uv reactant pendants and goblets. In an industry almost killed off by the plastic insurgence it takes a strong dedication to art and glass to continue working in such an entrancing medium and we are grateful for his dedication to glass, slime and monsteriffic works of art.


Little TENGU has certainly evolved but its heartfelt start in pop up galleries has not been left behind and we are surrounded here by a stunning collection of fantastical and contemporary artists from fine ink drawing to intricate paintings and geometric psycho-explorations we have windows into the dreamworld. Currently housing a small family of artists including our very own in house artists Tobius Raphael Millar and Mandy. We are also hanging paintings by Katia Honour, Hazey Arts, Ella Collins and Tommi Arm. Visionary, poetic, abstract, erotic and vibrant geometrics, we have an unusual combinations of art that just works so intriguingly beautiful together. There is absolutely no room for boredom in this space.

Ignis Inception atmospheric sculpture lamps have also made their way into our little arts sanctuary. Formed with discarded and scrapped materials. Harry Brown engineers beautiful metal and glass lamps using his love for alchemy and hand crafting. These sculptures are reminiscent of old industrial fittings and brass instruments, to look at they seem as if they should make some sort of smooth jazzy riff. A really nice addition to the family here at Little TENGU.

I have to now take the time to somewhat poetically admire the generous contribution by Gerard Geer another local artist gracing us with many of his enigmatic creations. Gerard has, as he puts it, “an insatiable curiosity for the anatomical inner workings of all things organic”. His works of bone, spines, feathers and even octopuses are elegant as they dance with the light, magnetic as they draw you in with their anatomical amalgamations and mysteriously fantastic with his simply beautiful compositions. I have never seen anything like it. Sheep skulls adorned with crystals naturally grown over the form they almost appear somewhat deliciously edible. A master of bringing life and inspiration back into the still once active skeletal structures. All animal remains have been ethically sourced and treated with the utmost respect creating a scientific window into the form of the living through the artists eye. Amazing!


Klayer Sslayer’s how to Tinder!

…assumption is the mother of all fuck ups…

Orville, in aviation A~” in Flight operations, Volume 66, page 44. 1977

I publish this because I believe no knowledge should be conserved and no experience go unshared for the betterment of mankind. Its just a shame so  many people are so cruel and judgmental we shouldn’t have to fear our own journey.


First and foremost protect self, if something feels wrong just turn it off, swipe left move on, don’t give any personal information away until your sure which is impossible to tell just online, and at the very least tell someone you trust when your going to meet up.

Firstly expressing who you are is about interests and what is on offer. If you utilise the 500 characters to pass judgments or critique others it may waste an opportunity to express who self is and why we’re here and it could attract other self’s who would like to engage in shallow ego boosting conversation based around shallow misjudgements and opinions of others to manipulate and intimidate to get what they desire and leave me to be discarded and disregarded and neglected.

Judgments when playing the swiping game based on how the picture makes one feel and the choice of self expressed, similarity of interests and whats on offer is more serving to self than how we assume we rank. I have found that this gives a higher rate of legitimate successful matches with Tinders you could be real friends with. If someone makes me feel good, like we already connect, this bit is totally intuitive it’s hard to explain why we.. You know get comfy for some and not others… So that’s all about me I reckon, so i’m winging it, feeling it, sometimes mistaking it…getting better at acing it!
If someone tickles my fancy and inspires a curiosity and I’m delving further into ones profile to investigate and potentially scrutinise who this person is and what they have on offer. note to self: honesty with self and others is key for successfully attracting compatible matches. I have witnessed respect attract respectfulness and disrespect attract disrespectfulness. If I pose for what I assume others may or may not desire of me, it could be considered a wasted opportunity for meeting someone who appreciates me for me and whom I can organically appreciate. I can always swipe left if they don’t suit my needs, attractions or desires they don’t need to be made to feel inferior or served an injustice or harsh judgment.

If I want to make my judgements and self expressions based on a dishonesty or try-hard aesthetic alone I may find my self being judged and appreciated for my dishonest interests or fake aesthetic alone, and with people I don’t enjoy being around and whom don’t enjoy being round me or love to encourage me to reach my potentiality. Which can be detrimental to life enjoy-ability.

I only ever have to do or say what I am comfortable with. If I am honest with my self and in my self expression, treat my self and else with respect even those who don’t tick my boxes or make me feel foxy, I should have nothing to fear but what to do once I find one compatibility and no hurt to be felt because what I like is about me and what others like is about them so say lovee! Take everything with a grain of salt and try not to let others beliefs and decisions effect my opinion of their value or my own.

I have found these tips in Life and Tinder to be useful in getting the most of interactions with others be that sexual, romantic, friendly or professional, the rest comes down to context, level of acceptance and judgment to tell the unfortunately phoney from the genuine… protect yourself but can’t blame them their only lying to themselves 😦

No hard feelings in using my heart mind and the unexplainable in persuing my honest needs, assets curiosity’s and desires, I have to reject someone and someone has to reject me we can’t all be together hehehe I see rejection as a failure to sync due to incompatibility. like some hardware restricts my computer from running at its highest potential which also puts strain on the hardware and they need to be separated for a more mutually beneficial relationship or compatible symbiosis.

If I feel good about who I am in the world the world is a better place. If you feel good about who you are in the world, the world is an even better place. If everyone feels good about who they are in the world and is striving to reach their potential imagine how much better a place the world would be so long as intended for harmony and progress. And you wouldn’t have to pass judgement or try to control and force a type of person just simply strive and encourage confidence and positive self image and your making the world a better place simply with an attitude that shifts actions. Even people who you don’t agree will contribute and if everyone’s contributions to the world were better then everything would reach epic heights of Awesome!!! At the very least the world will be a better place for all of us in all our pockets of different awesome contributions and ways of life, literally can’t go wrong! ha…ha…haaaaa…

What have you found?


Klayer Sslayer

We’re all feeling it!

The biggest social problem i believe we face is not that depression and pain seem to be an epidemic but that we are so insecure we think it makes us different and weak and find it all so confusing… This is hideously misguided considering almost everyone experiences depression in their lives, and everyone feels pain, it is not an element that separates us but one that unites us!!! We should be standing together and saying I feel like shit somebody hug me. Not I feel like shit I better hide or I might dampen the mood or not seem cool like those happy uplifting people…..

I cry a lot, and i laugh a lot, life throws ups and downs, it’s a rolls coaster and the social constraints put on children as a “way to behave” are crippling and outdated. We need to implement healthy mind studies into primary education.

When we were a society almost entirely guided by the church, this was… Somewhat… Happening. . Since we live in such a diverse society now not ruled by any one religion we need to fill the void. We need to inform children of the simple tools and techniques available to aid our understanding of our own psychology and emotional health so we don’t grow up in fear of feeling or in fear of our confusion about feeling. You do not need to control someone’s behaviour or morals to do this just inform them of what we as a species understand about ourselves, why do we learn sport and physical exercise techniques but not mental health exercises…. It would be so easy to transform an entire generation by providing the access in the early years, erasing the stigma attached to emotion and mental health and provide an open arms, open heart, open mind society.

Urgh men sure did get the industrial revolution cranking but what about the development of people!!! What about a psychological revolution that inspires growth and understanding of who we are and what we are likely to experience. You don’t need to do a phd to understand basic psychology you mostly just need reassurance that it’s ok to feel because what ever your feeling there is a reason it just needs acknowledgment and then a decision on how you want to let that feeling influence your decision making…. It’s only when these steps aren’t taken that a mentally healthy person can quickly become mentally unhealthy and even breakdown completely. Urgh!!!!

So frustrated with the priorities of society – capitalism is important I get that but it can’t take the lead ahead of health – health then economy then lifestyle


Image: http://www.jillgreenberg.com/


SPANDA – Verge Festival – Sydney University

Verge Festival 

Sydney University

Eastern Avenue, Camperdown

8-17 October

Everyday 11am – 3pm

Tues, Wed, Thurs – late close 9pm


SPANDA is #1 on the sculpture walk at this years Verge Festival brought to you by the dedicated students and graduates of the University of Sydney Union.


SPANDA is a Claire Munro Art and Design initiative. It is an interactive multi sensory installation by Sydney College of the Arts students Dorit Goldman (MFA), Melissa Maree (BVA) and Claire Munro (BVA). SPANDA is from Sanskrit referring to the self expressive pulse of all individual things and all things united as one. Translated as movement, vibration and an exploration into our collective consciousness. SPANDA includes work by Dorit Goldman with her plaster “accidents” a result of her study of the body. Melissa Maree explores visual vibration through geometry and pattern with her delicate cutouts. Accompanied with warped glass blown vessels, photonics fibre structures and video projection that explore human Phsycology by Claire Munro. Overall it is an experience and one is urged to sit in the work be still and enjoy the works many intricate and ever changing moments as well as identifying the works impact on you as an individual and as (like everything else) a vital part of our entire cosmos as a whole. It’s mesmerising visuals and playful string installation combined with the sculptures create a space for calm contemplation a chance to escape the stresses of the day and ponder.


I hope you enjoy these images.










My Art Now


I am loving where my art practice is taking me. My love for the ocean and subsequent hate for plastic has in fact provided me with a new and amazing material manipulation for my art. Working with plastic waste is both disappointing and yet endlessly inspiring I really have found myself in a love hate romance with plastic… Could it really be that my desire to use waste for my art has in fact led me to love the very waste I despise! Oh too complex a thought right now must rest and further ponder my conundrum in my dreams!!!