SPANDA – Verge Festival – Sydney University

Verge Festival 

Sydney University

Eastern Avenue, Camperdown

8-17 October

Everyday 11am – 3pm

Tues, Wed, Thurs – late close 9pm


SPANDA is #1 on the sculpture walk at this years Verge Festival brought to you by the dedicated students and graduates of the University of Sydney Union.


SPANDA is a Claire Munro Art and Design initiative. It is an interactive multi sensory installation by Sydney College of the Arts students Dorit Goldman (MFA), Melissa Maree (BVA) and Claire Munro (BVA). SPANDA is from Sanskrit referring to the self expressive pulse of all individual things and all things united as one. Translated as movement, vibration and an exploration into our collective consciousness. SPANDA includes work by Dorit Goldman with her plaster “accidents” a result of her study of the body. Melissa Maree explores visual vibration through geometry and pattern with her delicate cutouts. Accompanied with warped glass blown vessels, photonics fibre structures and video projection that explore human Phsycology by Claire Munro. Overall it is an experience and one is urged to sit in the work be still and enjoy the works many intricate and ever changing moments as well as identifying the works impact on you as an individual and as (like everything else) a vital part of our entire cosmos as a whole. It’s mesmerising visuals and playful string installation combined with the sculptures create a space for calm contemplation a chance to escape the stresses of the day and ponder.


I hope you enjoy these images.










My Art Now


I am loving where my art practice is taking me. My love for the ocean and subsequent hate for plastic has in fact provided me with a new and amazing material manipulation for my art. Working with plastic waste is both disappointing and yet endlessly inspiring I really have found myself in a love hate romance with plastic… Could it really be that my desire to use waste for my art has in fact led me to love the very waste I despise! Oh too complex a thought right now must rest and further ponder my conundrum in my dreams!!!

Hoi Polloi (We the People)

I have just had an amazing weekend helping out the wonderful team which is Hoi Polloi (Love you guys). The weekend began friday night on an awkward date that i didn’t know was a date…eek… but it soon revived itself. Saturday morning was hot and sunny; a perfect way to start a mini festival. Brisbane Brunswick street markets are always a hoot but this weekend really rocked my socks! The Valley Fiesta; Brisbane’s biggest free Street Party supplied the markets with a warm festival vibe and live music. I arrived shortly after nine am in ‘the valley’ and the Hoi Polloi stall was all set up, beautifully colour coded by soulman. It was time to sell some clothes and have some fun.





The low down on Hoi Polloi – Jacqui (Jacs) Williams began the Hoi Polloi clothing range when i was a wee teen in Sydneys’ Northern Beaches. I have been a huge fan ever since. Jacs began by sourcing awesome retro gear and chopping stitching and reshaping to redesign some funky one off items. Jacqui now rightfully defends her glamorous style with a collection of unique clothing and accessories, original american cowboy boots and high end costume headdresses. A Hoi Polloi rack is likely to consist of an enticing range, from her one of a kind vintage crochet dresses to her long flowing blue snake design pencil skirts (one of each i have in my own wardrobe).




After this weekend I have come to define Hoi Polloi as an experience, the ‘whole package’. Jacs clothing and eye for style with her imports define a way of life; an easy going beautiful outlook on the world combined with a generous helping of fun, spontaneity and funky design -a subtle perfection. I love her stalls, not just because they are usually accompanied with live music, wicked venues and crazy carnies, but because they inspire creativity and intellectual design. 




This weekend has been a whirlwind of unpredictable sales roller coasters and sexy festival fun. Dancing in beautiful native american headdresses and chatting to the cute market organiser. I hope your weekends have been as wonderful as mine, ciao!