Everyone seems to have fallen ill with a bad case of racism!

I am truly horrified by the attitudes of so many young people around the world not accepting one another. I could not resist entering a discussion on facebook today following the ‘anti-muslim’ propaganda flooding social media in Australia (post muslim protests in Sydney). Unfortunately due to a few protesters getting out of hand the protests turned ugly. This is not uncommon in protests of all cultures/nationalities fighting for different causes. And yet it has fuelled anti-muslim propaganda in Australia. So many young people share the view for what is essentially a ‘white australia policy’. “You must speak like us, walk like us, eat like us and want to be more like us…” ??? These views have me outraged. One of the things i love about Australia is its diversity. The food, the colour the language all different its like a cultural rainbow and the more rules and restrictions we put up the more grey our world will become. A strong similarity i have noticed lately among young voices is that when justifying their racist views one will often speak out about how racist some immigrants behave towards Australians…… let me get this right…. your only racist because they are being racist??? So some people who are actively disapproving of our culture outrages you…. so racism outrages you… but your so outraged you decide to be more racist….??? This is a cycle that must stop. One thing i have learnt is that