Make or Break – University Interviews

Interviews have gone really well. I had my first interview at Sydney College of the Arts. They looked through my entire year 12 Visual Art Process Diary (VAPD). Which surprised me, i wasn’t even going to bring it. They asked a lot about when i had done my portfolio work and what my job consisted of. I must have answered appropriately because they said i will be receiving full marks for interview and portfolio. Fantastic!
 -one down one to go-
So the following morning i flew down to Melbourne and made my way to the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Their had been an error in the confirmation emails concerning the address and many students got lost. Not me, lucking after visiting the University Open Day i had downloaded an ‘iPhone app’ “Lost on Campus” so i knew where the university was and where the interview building was located. So off the mark i proved my initiative and competence. I was given time to lay out all my work and set up my computer with a clip from Toybox (the kids t.v. show i work on). Again the lecturers looked vigorously through my VAPD. They were again interested in my job and the time span of my portfolio. At the end of the interview i asked a few questions; What is the extent of my after hours access to the university grounds and facilities? Can i use facilities from other departments within the university, such as Scientific Photography, which i observed at the open day? Does the university have a relationship with an Aboriginal artists community, if not can i set one up? and can i receive credits for time spent there.
They were impressed with these questions and voiced “These are very good questions. This is exactly how we want our students to think. We want you to seek out what the university has to offer and set up new process’ if there are none in place for what you want to achieve”. They then went on to discuss whether i would be able to afford the move down considering the huge independent work load of first year students. I took this as a good sign and responded with confidence and excitement.
Fingers crossed!!!
I find out if i got in or not in January (first round offers) or February (second round offers).