Spring Morning in an Oasis of Australian Bush

It is a beautiful morning here in Blackheath! I just love the blissful rainbow of first light! The yummy fruit salad we get before the sun has woken up to blind us all. Blueberries start it off, then strawberries and peaches, next is apricot then orange all finished off with the citrus explosion which is yellow!!! The birds are singing and chirping, swooping and nesting. Spring is a beautiful thing.


Creating an Art Portfolio….eeek!

I am currently Trying to churn out an Artist Portfolio to get into uni. And i am struggling!!! I finally get on a role and think i am doing well when, with one week to go, i hit a creative wall…. ARGH!!!! Self confidence in your work and knowing you are capable and talented are essential to be able to create….. and i cant stop thinking i am not good enough. What is the point agonising over a few artworks when i probably wont get in anyway. It is so Beautiful where i am, here in the Blue Mountains, i look out at the sunrise and it is an explosion of colour and light. Like a heaven. How could i not be inspired by this amazing spectacle. The sky is like a fruit salad as it works its way through oranges, lemons, blueberries and peaches. The colours are viscerally enjoyable. I stand on the Balcony and take a deep breath of the thin cool mountain air and i feel a little better. if worst came to worst i could always escape here where everything is ok. With the constant admiration and kindness from my grandfather i will work more.

Wow what turn around. Thank you for letting me clear my head. I hope you can enjoy the view with me.